At Rest Assured Hospice, we are committed to the compassionate care of every patient. We understand how distressing it is when a loved one loses their appetite as they deal with a life-limiting illness. With hospice nutritional counseling in Columbia, you and your loved one can come to terms with what’s happening. As the patient’s body slows down, the need for nutrition also decelerates. Our goal is to optimize intake for comfort and dignity. The following is what you can expect from Rest Assured Hospice:
1) Registered dietitian nutritionists who provide excellent care for your loved one
2) Educated staff members working together for the benefit of patients and their families
3) Cost-effective solutions

It can be one of the most difficult things to watch your loved one suffer due to life-limiting illnesses and a loss of appetite. End-of-life nutritional counseling helps you think about what they need. Some things to keep in mind are:
  • Your loved one needs fewer calories than before due to changes in the body and the body systems slowing during the dying process.
  • The ability for your loved one to digest food is shutting down. Taking in more food than the body can handle could cause undue distress. A certified nutritionist can help you understand what should and shouldn’t be put into the body at this time.
  • Many terminal patients develop cachexia or anorexia. The muscles atrophy, fatigue sets in, weight is lost and appetites diminish. Allowing palliative care is often the best solution to decrease discomfort.


Hospice dietary counseling is available to loved ones of terminal patients in Columbia and surrounding areas. Don’t let the stress of watching your loved one lose their appetite overwhelm you. Contact Rest Assured Hospice at (803) 788-8272 to learn more about nutritional counseling and in-home medical equipment that can help your loved one remain comfortable.